"Coater", Infiana's newest coating line with IQ Easy Platform

Simco-Ion tested the IQ Easy platform system in multiple scenarios and has complimented it to take it to the next stage of industry 4.0. The system connects to customers’ IT system, enabling it to transfer data easily and giving the customer greater control over processes.  Speaking to Mr Distler, projectmanager at Infiana Forchheim, clarifies the usability and  importance of static control integration. It is Infiana’s company strategy to be a market leader with full focus on Industry 4.0!  With the start-up of “Coater 6“, Infiana’s newest coating line, and its ability to produce films with solvent-based silicon coatings on both sides, the company closes its last remaining technical gaps in this field. Infiana now has the ability to apply all possible combinations of thermally cured, solvent-based, and solvent-free silicon systems in just a single process step.  “Coater 6” makes use of the Simco-Ion IQ Easy platform with connection to a Siemens PLC. In the machine the full capacity of the system, with 30 devices, is utilised.  Data is collected through the PLC but also all system log files are downloaded via FTP.  The collected data is of importance to provide the customer with a roll report but also enables analisys of all production and environment related data to find possible causes of deviations in production runs.  According to Mr Distler: “Simco-Ion is a perfect partner, with the only available system on the market that really has true value with regard to Industry 4.0 realisation. 


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