• Static Eliminator 24Vdc

Industrial static eliminators 24Vdc

The most modern industrial static eliminators are powered by means of a standard M12 cable connector. Usually the 24Vdc power is available in the machine and can easily be routed to power the industrial static bar. The advantage is that there is no need for High-Voltage(HV) cable placement and HV cable routing inside the machine. This makes the machine safer and the static bars are much more easy to mount.


Selecting the right DC anti static bar

The difference between the types of 24Vdc anti-static bar is found in the working distance. This is the distance from the antistatic bar to the material that needs to be neutralized and the speed of the material. Below you can make the choice for the right type of static eliminator for your application.


Product                Description              Powersupply          Working distance              Link to product

VicinION             Short Range Bar     24Vdc                      5mm < >    75mm           Goto: VicinION

Performax Easy  Mid Range Bar        24Vdc                    50mm < >  900mm           Goto: Performax

ThunderION       Long Range Bar      24Vdc                   150mm < > 1600mm          Goto: ThunderION


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