Tips by Customer Service

We are starting a new segment in our Newsflash: Tips by CS

In every newsflash we will get into a topic that passes our CS regularly. Something we get many questions about, or some new tips to make your work easier. This can be about Website information, Tracking your shipment, how to find product information or manuals, How does a specific product work, etc.

The first one we are starting of with is Tracking your shipment. We get a lot of questions by email or phone about tracking information e.g;

  • Do you have a Tracking number for me?
  • Is the shipment delivered already?
  • Who signed for the shipment?

This information is 99/100 times easy to obtain by yourself just by using the CO number you get from us. Almost all our goods are shipped with UPS.

If you have a Tracking number it is easy, you can use it here on the main field and track. If not, click on the right side ‘Track by Reference Number’. You will get a pop-up screen:

All you need is our CO number and put it in the ‘Shipment Reference’ field. Make sure you enter it correct CO 229320 and check the date. It always looks back just 1 month, so maybe you need to adjust it if the shipment was longer ago ( just like this example ).

Click on ‘Track’ and the result is displayed on your screen:

If you than click on ‘View Details’, you will see the following screen:

And last but not least, on the right side you can click on ‘Proof of Delivery’.

This should give you all the information you need.

Exceptions for this procedure are; shipments longer than 2.70 meters or on pallet. They will be shipped by TNT. But checking your Tracking information there works the same.

I hope this helps you to help your customers. And save you some time of your daily task list.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email me. 

And if there are any request for future “Tips by CS” in the Newsflash about a specific topic, let me know and I am happy to see what we can do.


Angelique le Roy

+31 [0]573 288389