• Necessary information and planning

Thank you for participating in our Demotour

To make the demonstration succesfull we need to share some necessary information and some planning from your side.

In order to run our demonstration equipment we need electricity.

To prevent any disturbance with your normal operation it is preferred to connect our truck to a 3 phase 400V with Neutral connection (16A or 32). In most companies a 400V 3 phase connection is available at the loading dock to charge the forklift.

Simco will provide up to 70 metre cable.

If a 3 phase connection is not available a 230V normal socket can be used. Preferable we need a 230V 16A. However you need to make sure that up to 16A per socket is available, meaning no other equipment should be connected to the group of the socket (Sa. Computers etc).

Our demonstration truck has room for max 5 attendees. If your company has more attendees, please plan for groups. The demonstration will take approx. 60 – 90 minutes. Shorter individual tour is possible.

On the map you can find the parking space needed.


Form and questions

To share the right information could you please fill out the form for us?

If you have any questions left please send a mail to marketing@simco-ion.nl


Checklist demotour 2019

Please fill out the form:
Contact Simco-Ion Nederland +31 573 288 388 or marketing@simco-ion.nl