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Simco-Ion invites you to read the latest news about the Simco-Ion products and organisation.

Some last news

The lastest pricelist released in Q4 2017 will be valid in 2018 until further notice.

IQ Easy platform:
As you have noticed during our last international sales meeting, the sales of the IQ Easy system is booming.
On a regular basis we are updating features.
Several projects have been installed using fieldbus to integrate the IQ platform into (Industry 4.0) the customer IT system.

We must stress however:
These implementations are very complex. Each installation needs to be evaluated by a Simco engineer and the software needs to be adapted to the customers configuration.
Also on the customer side implementation is not always straight forward due to lack of knowledge or support from their external IT company. This leads to a lot of additional support by the Simco engineers.

So implementations are possible with Ethernet IP and Profinet BUT only with prior permission of Hans Geurts.
So please contact your Area sales manager before offering such a solution to your customer to prevent disappointment in case the project is not validated.