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Simco-Ion invites you to read the latest news about the Simco-Ion products and organisation.

International Sales meeting 2017

Are you ready?
The date, 9 & 10 October, for International sales meeting 2017 is getting close.

We are happy to welcome more than 50 persons from our representatives at "Landgoed Ehzerwold" in Almen, close to our Factory in Lochem.

A 2 day program is planned from 15.00 hours on Monday to approx 13.00 hours on Tuesday.
The preliminary agenda can be found as attachment to this newsflash.

On Wednesday there will be additional training sessions at the Simco factory from 9.00 - 13.00 hours.
2 groups are planned:

1) IQ Easy platform training
2) General training for new representatives

You can still decide to participate in one of these trainings. Please notify Marja Hartgers at of your plan and possible changes in your lodging.

We look forward to meeting you in Almen.

Industrievertretung Andreas Pridöhl I.A.P.

Andreas Pridöhl has moved his office to a new location.

Industrievertretung Andreas Pridöhl
Eimbeckhäuser Straße 16
31848 Bad Münder OT Nienstedt


He is responsible for the regions with zip codes:
40000-42999, 47000-47999, 50000-54999, 56000-59999

New pricelist

The new pricelist is available for download. Simco customer service will start to use the new item numbers and prices starting October 2nd.

New pricelist Q3 2017

You need to be logged in to download.

As some of you already noticed in the preliminary version, most additional parts and spare parts are not listed anymore.
Spare parts are limited to consumable parts like filters etc. All other parts are no longer available because they are covered by the new Repair procedure.

Other additional parts are all included in the price and are no longer listed as parts that need to  be added to the price.

For any questions, please ask our customer service,